The holiday that stays with you - Turn your life around on an idyllic coaching retreat


How to make midlife the time of your life

31st May – 7th June 2013           


As the second half of your life unfolds, you could be having doubts. Perhaps you’ve separated from a partner, the children have flown the nest, you’re looking at a career change or you’re simply disappointed with life, it’s never too late to make a fresh start.

If you’ve felt like this before, you might have booked a holiday. But when you got back from the sun, those problems simply loomed larger.

So, welcome to Flourish! - the alternative holiday that stays with you.

 What’s included in Flourish! 

  • 7 days’ holiday in the Turkish sunshine
  • Stay in a stunning, renovated Ottoman house
  • Delicious home-cooked food made with fresh local ingredients
  • Group coaching sessions focused on exploring key subjects and stimulating thinking
  • Access to two very experienced and qualified coaches to help you identify and develop your plan
  • Time to sunbathe, relax, recharge, sightsee or indulge in some pampering
  • A trip to the nearby town of Fethiye for shopping and dinner
  • A walk through the forest to ancient rock tombs
  • A full day on a private boat meandering around Fethiye Bay, with the chance to swim in the clear, turquoise sea
  • Fun and friendship.


Meet like-minded people

At Sakin Bahçe, our beautiful villa in a Turkish mountain village, you’ll meet like-minded people. You’ll share stories and build new friendships over healthy local food and wine in the delightful gardens – beneath the Mediterranean sun by day and under a glorious canopy of stars by night.


Who we are 

But Flourish! is much more than a holiday. Beverley Grant and Derryn Snowdon are established coaches and midlife survivors of divorce, bereavement, cancer, career crises and confidence issues. Realms of Possibility was set up to help people like you who are experiencing similar challenges.

We’re both accredited members of the International Coach Federation (ICF). We’ve been trained and externally assessed and we adhere to the ICF code of ethics. Beverley excels at career coaching and confidence building, while Derryn’s speciality is health and wellness (she’s also a great cook).

At Flourish!, our group sessions and individual reflection time will help you find ‘the inner you’ and leave with the inspiration and motivation to create the best possible rest of your life. You’ll gain new perspectives, focus and passion for life, while making new friendships, enjoying the group’s support and learning from its wisdom.

Under the Turkish sun, you’ll discover new life tools and techniques to take away, find greater clarity and more ways to bring about happiness. You’ll leave with a personalised action plan that you can implement over the subsequent months.

Book early and save

It’s time to Flourish! All-inclusive prices (not including flights, return transfers and spending money) for the week range from £849 to £989 (depending on accommodation choice).

But book by 22nd April and enjoy discounted prices ranging from just £769 to £919. You can even get another 5% discount if you bring a friend.

To take the first step towards a more positive future, email us at beverley@realmsofpossibility or call today on +44 (0)7977 274002.


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