No Matter Where You Are In Life, A Fresh Start
 Is Just Around The Corner…

  • Reached the second half of your life?
  • Having doubts about the future?
  • Children flown the nest?
  • Separated from your spouse or partner?
  • Looking for a change of career?

“It’s Never Too Late To Transform Your Life…”

Beverley Grant My name is Beverley Grant, and I’m a qualified coach who specialises in career coaching, confidence building and helping people to become exceptional.

If you’ve felt in need of a change before, you might have booked a holiday. And while you may have felt refreshed and renewed in an exciting new environment, I’m sure you found the same problems waiting for you when you got home…

“A Traditional Holiday Doesn’t Give You What You Need…”

A Traditional Holiday Doesn’t Give You What You Need When there are big changes to be made, you need more than a break – you need a brand new outlook. 

That’s where Flourish! comes in: it’s the holiday that stays with you.

At Flourish! group sessions and individual reflection time will help you find ‘the inner you’.  

You’ll gain new perspectives, focus and passion for life. You’ll make new friends, enjoy group support and learn from shared wisdom. 

You’ll learn to flourish.

Under the Turkish sun, you’ll discover new life tools, find greater clarity, and explore practical techniques to bring about happiness. 

What’s more, you’ll leave with a personalised action plan to help you once you get home. 

“A Welcome Break – With A Twist!”

A Welcome Break – With A Twist It’s true what they say about “All Work And No Play”, which is why Flourish! gives you the best of both worlds.

At our beautiful villa in the Turkish mountains, you’ll connect with like-minded people, share stories and build new friendships. 

You’ll enjoy a menu of delicious, locally-sourced food and wine. Your heart will be lifted by delightful gardens, where you can relax and reflect. 

By day, you’ll be warmed by the Mediterranean sun – at night, a stunning canopy of stars awaits... 

“At Flourish! Your Big Decisions Are In Safe Hands…”

Making big changes to your life is always a challenge. You need the right kind of support as you navigate your way through important decisions.

That’s where we come in.

You’ll be guided by me, Beverley Grant. I’m an established coach, accredited member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and mid-life survivor 

With my extensive training and experience, I’ve got the specialist skills that will help you solve the problems you’re facing – no matter what they are. 

Flourish! The Complete Wellness Package Designed Just For YOU…”

A Welcome Break – With A Twist Flourish! has everything you need to be able to stop and take stock of your life.

  • Seven days’ holiday in the Turkish sunshine
  • Comfortable accommodation in a stunning Ottoman house
  • Delicious home-cooked food made with fresh local ingredients
  • Time to sunbathe, relax, and sightsee
  • A trip to Fethiye for shopping and dinner
  • A walk through the forest to ancient rock tombs
  • A full day on a private boat in Fethiye Bay
  • Fun and friendship.

“PLUS: Group Coaching Sessions And Access To An Experienced Coach Who Will Guide You Through Your Fears, Challenges And Transformation!”

Life can be tough when you get to your middle age. It’s hard not to look back on regrets, and things we wish we’d done differently.

We start to wonder where the rest of our lives will take us, and whether we’ll look back and smile.

“You’ve Reached A Turning Point In Life: Which Way Will You Go?”

Feeling scared, bored, angry or frustrated with life? Tired of looking at others and feeling envious of their happiness? Wondering where you went wrong – and if this is it?

It’s your chance to give life another go. 

It’s your time to become the person you always wanted to be.

It’s the moment you decide whether to settle for disappointment – or whether to Flourish!

 Be The Person You Always Wanted To Be… with Flourish! Flourish! is a holistic retreat designed to help you find real, lasting solutions to the challenges you’re facing. 

Maybe you feel overwhelmed at the end of a relationship. Maybe you feel lost now your children have left home. Or maybe you just know there’s more to life than this.

We can help you to Flourish!

As qualified life coaches, we can help you address challenges in your work, relationships and personal life. 

We’ve experienced the kind of troubles you’re facing right now and we’ve got the tools to help you come out the other side – happier, healthier and stronger than ever!

“It’s Time To Take Life In Your Own Hands And Invest In Your Future…”

Often, the people who join us on Flourish! retreats have spent years looking after everyone else. Sometimes, it feels like that’s all they’ve ever done.

They can feel like they have nothing of their own.

When you’ve spent years putting your own needs last, it can be hard to know what you really want.

“Flourish! Will Help You Discover The Real You – If You Just Take That Chance...”

Life is waiting for you to start living it. 

Are you ready?

“Yes! I want to invest in my future and learn to Flourish!”

Discovery is closer than you think.

To take part in this summer’s Flourish! retreat, where you’ll learn the tools to take life by the reins, simply click the button below. 

Flourish! is just a few weeks away, and bookings will be closed before then, so you’ll need to take action soon to avoid missing out.

“What Is A New Lease Of Life Worth To You?”

Flourish! is so much more than a holiday. 

You’ll get time to relax, reflect and recharge, but you’ll also have unfettered access to leading life and career coaches who are on hand to help you transform your life.

You’ll meet new friends, make new connections and savour new experiences. 

Maybe you thought it was too late to do something exciting and spontaneous?

Think again.

“Life Is What You Make It – So Make Yours Unforgettable…”

You can join us on this life-changing trip for just £775

Bring a friend and the price drops to £720 per person

*Price based on shared room. Single rooms also available.

REMEMBER: Flourish! is a fully inclusive, holistic retreat – as well as an amazing holiday in the Turkish sunshine. 

For £775 you’ll not only get group coaching sessions designed to help you face up to life’s challenges, you’ll also get:

  • Seven days’ holiday in the Turkish sunshine
  • Comfortable accommodation in a stunning Ottoman house
  • Delicious home-cooked food made with fresh local ingredients
  • Time to sunbathe, relax, and sightsee
  • A trip to the town of Fethiye for shopping and dinner
  • A walk through the forest to ancient rock tombs
  • A full day on a private boat in Fethiye Bay
  • Fun and friendship.

“So What Are You Waiting For? The First Step To A New Life Is Right Here…”

We’re looking forward to welcoming you on our next Flourish! retreat, where you’ll have fun, laughter and life-changing experiences. 

“Bookings close on 23rd September 2013 so please get started NOW
to make sure you don’t miss out!”

To get started – and to transform your life today – simply click below. 

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We’ll leave the final word to Victoria, who joined us on a Flourish! retreat:


“The experience was excellent. The venue was heavenly, the food superb, the content just right. The holiday exceeded my expectations – thank you, thank you, thank you!”



There’s nothing between you and a brand new adventure. 

So what’s stopping you? 

The next Flourish! retreat kicks off on the 27th September, so you’ll need to book soon to avoid missing out!


We can’t wait to meet you – and help you take the first steps into an exciting new life.

REMEMBER: Flourish! is run by Beverley Grant who is a qualified coach, accredited by the International Coach Federation.

accredited by the International Coach Federation

To take the first step towards a more positive future, simply click the button below to get started

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Alternatively, you can email me personally at or call today on +44 (0)1606 888740. You’ll also find more pictures and guest comments at

Looking forward to seeing you at Flourish!

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