Don’t put it off any longer - the time to be happy is now!

Have you ever found yourself thinking when x happens I’ll be happy?

For example, when I get a new job, new partner, a pay rise, lose a stone in weight, buy a new car, etc I’ll be happy

Or, I’ll do it when.........

Meaning I’ll do the thing that will make me happy when the kids are older, I’ve lost weight, retired, changed jobs, got enough money, etc.

What if you achieve your goal and you’re still not happy?

What if you never get around to doing the things you said would make you happy?

Your life is passing you by. It is the only life you have, so why would you not allow yourself to find happiness right now?

Many people believe that if they are successful, they will be happy. In fact, research by Shawn Achor suggests it is the other way round; Happiness fuels success. When we are positive, our brains become more engaged, creative, motivated, energetic, resilient, and productive.

So, choose to be happy now. Follow these three simple actions to get started:

1. Start by focusing on what you can feel positive about. Appreciate and be grateful for the good things you do have, no matter how big or small they may be.

2. On  a piece of paper, write down what happiness means to you. Next think of the specific things that make you happy. Take action to do at least one of the things that makes you happy within the next day / week.

3. Identify one key thing you’d like to achieve and set yourself a goal to make it happen. Break the plan down into doable steps and get started. Imagine the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when you achieve your goal.

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