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How do you make the best decisions when people’s lives are at stake? | September 04 2015

I am qualified to use a well established psychometric tool called Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). One of its uses is to help people better understand communication between themselves and others because Type provides a framework for understanding individual differences. If you know and understand one another's Type, you can acknowledge that a person’s behaviour or views may…

No Matter Where You Are In Life, A Fresh Start
 Is Just Around The Corner… | August 19 2013

  • Reached the second half of your life?
  • Having doubts about the future?
  • Children flown the nest?
  • Separated from your spouse or partner?
  • Looking for a change of career?

“It’s Never Too Late To Transform Your Life…”

Beverley GrantDon’t put it off any longer - the time to be happy is now! | August 07 2013

Have you ever found yourself thinking when x happens I’ll be happy?

For example, when I get a new job, new partner, a pay rise, lose a stone in weight, buy a new car, etc I’ll be happy

Or, I’ll do it when.........

“Life enhancing. Life Changing” - feedback from the recent Flourish Retreat | July 03 2013

Life can be tough. Relationship break-down, career change, children leaving home…it can be hard to cope.

It can be hard to know who you are any more.

Even when things are going well, nothing feels quite right.

Life is simply passing you  by.

Sound familiar?

You might have had these feelings in the past. Maybe you thought…

The 7 Biggest Challenges Facing Women in Midlife - Number 1 - Time is Running Out | May 14 2013

At some point in midlife we start to reflect on the choices we’ve made, the lives we have and what the future might hold. Life can be tough; the challenges of relationship breakdown, career change and health issues.... can cause us to feel disappointed.  If you are facing any of the big challenges of midlife or you just want to take action…

Keeping things for Best | April 21 2013

My mother in law has recently moved to residential care and we have begun the task of emptying her house. Amongst the many items accumulated in her 90 years of life are two bone chine tea sets. As far as my husband can recall, these have not been used in his lifetime because his mother was “saving them for best”.  In other…

The holiday that stays with you - Turn your life around on an idyllic coaching retreat | February 26 2013


How to make midlife the time of your life

31st May – 7th June 2013           


As the second half of your life unfolds, you could be having doubts. Perhaps you’ve separated from a partner, the children have flown the nest, you’re looking at a career change or you’re simply disappointed with…

Introducing the Flourish Hosts | February 22 2013

Flourish! 16th - 23rd May 2013

Midlife can be a time when people lose their way; when we question the choices we’ve made, feel our limitations and wonder what happened to the plans we had in our youth.

It can also be a time to explore, grow and make bold changes.

Watch our short introduction:

Flourish - How to make midlife the time of your life - 7 day retreat 16th - 23rd May 2013 | February 20 2013

Have you reached that stage in your life when you wonder "is this it?"
Are you disappointed by your current life and want to create a happier, more fulfilling future?
Flourish is designed with you in mind.

We’re offering you a 7 day holiday staying at a stunning, renovated old village house located…

Get started in business | November 09 2011

I regularly work with people who want to become self employed. These days, I am often told that before they can start trading, my clients need: a company name, website, business cards (complete with logo); perhaps even brochures or branded materials. One client insisted she needed printed, letterhead stationery before she could consider marketing her business!

Sometimes I wonder if they…

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