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A successful lawyer with career doubts

K called me to say that he had just been promoted to Partner in a large professional services firm. Instead of celebrating his success he had resigned feeling that he might be in the wrong career. His employers were very keen to keep him so they gave him the option of a career break hoping he would return. I worked with K to explore his values, skills and experience. We also looked at his future aspirations; he planned to get married and have a family. It was important to him that he could provide sufficient income to support them. It became clear that K had never made a conscious career choice. Like many people he had “fallen” into his career because of the influence of friends and family. When we reviewed his job satisfaction, it was evident that in many areas his profession suited him. We identified the aspects he was least happy with and developed strategies to deal with these. He realised that work didn’t have to meet all his needs. He was keen to use his skills for the benefit of the community, so he identified ways he could achieve this. When he considered all the information, he returned to his job as a Partner. The job hadn’t changed, but he felt empowered by making a choice. The coaching had also provided additional resources to help him succeed.

“Being back at work is good. Little has changed at xxxxxxx, but I have. I am keeping things simple and my priorities in the right order. It is good to be back into some sort of routine, and I am enjoying seeing people I care about and spending some time in xxxxxxxx.”

An HR Manager overwhelmed by personal problems and a bullying manager

B was working for a large financial services organisation in a demanding HR role. Normally an outgoing and positive person, a close family member suffered a serious illness resulting in other related difficulties. Trying to cope with this and her job began to impact her performance. This was made considerably worse when a restructure resulted in a new manager who did not value her. Worse, it seemed he went out of his way to put her down. She began to believe that she could do nothing right and felt her career was over. Her confidence and self belief deteriorated and she became at risk of compulsory redundancy. I worked with B to help her regain some perspective and control over her situation. We worked together to restore her self esteem and to help her to develop strategies for dealing more effectively with her circumstances. Her attitude and performance improved so much that whilst she was asked to stay (having met the rigorous selection criteria for the new HR roles) she chose to leave. She secured a role in a major consultancy on a substantially higher salary.

“When Beverley started coaching me I was unhappy in my job and had low self esteem. I was not sure what direction my career was taking and I had a number of financial and health related problems. I also had a number of worries about my family which were preying on my mind. Beverley worked through the whole range of problems that I was facing with me using a holistic approach. We stuck to my agenda and went at a pace that I was comfortable with and the results have been life changing. My self esteem has improved dramatically, I am in the process of changing career, I have resolved my financial worries, lost a stone in weight and put my family worries into perspective using the techniques that I have learnt whilst working with Beverley. I am also much happier, confident and a lot less stressed.

 Whilst I know that it has been up to me to make these changes in my life they would not have happened as quickly or at all if I had not been working with Beverley. Thank you - it has truly changed my life!”


“Beverley is an extremely astute listener and naturally inspires honest dialogue in those that she coaches. She possesses the uncanny ability to get to the root of a problem and the techniques she uses helped me to identify - and start to address – the areas where it was possible for me to effect change. I found Beverley’s clear-sighted approach and positive words of encouragement really empowering. Thanks to her support, 1 year on, I’m in a much happier – and better paid - place.” Charlotte
“Thanks so much for a fantastic coaching experience. The whole experience has helped me move on considerably and feel much brighter about the exciting opportunities available to me.... I don’t think I’d ever have been this relaxed about the situation without your guidance and gentle insights. What has the coaching experience done for me? Encouraged me to take the cork out of the bottle and live life!” Judie
“A quick message to say thank you very much for yesterday. I very much enjoyed the day and feel empowered. It’s now up to me to put it all into action.” Sonia
“Today I attended a second interview for the position of Production Manager at xxxxxx. No sooner had I returned when they phoned to offer me the position. How good is that? I am absolutely thrilled tonight. Thank you for everything Beverley, I would not have persisted if it wasn’t for you. “ Chris
“I applied for the role that we discussed and I was successful and started in the new position today. 
Your comments regarding the fact that not getting the job would be a self fulfilling prophecy if that was how I was thinking certainly made me think and go into the interview with a completely different attitude and as a result was successful. 
Thanks for all the help you gave me.” Neil
“The day was fantastic. I not only enjoyed the event but really got a lot out of it, having at least two light bulb moments and several areas for real reflection! Beverley was really inspirational.” Abigail
“Beverley is a BRILLIANT career coach. She is very personable and supportive whilst achieving the fantastic balance of being challenging when necessary. She helped me to shape all the ideas and possibilities into a solid career plan by using a rich variety of tools and techniques. My business in now nearly 2 years old and has survived the recession well. Thanks Beverley.” Karen
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